Flight Control
Price Unknown edit
Developer Namco Bandai
Publisher Namco Bandai
Release date Unknown edit
Operating system Windows Phone 7
Genre Action
Modes Single-player
Category Games
Subcategory Unknown edit

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Flight Control is a 2D action game developed and published by Namco Bandai for Windows Phone 7. Versions are also available on iOS, Android, PlayStation Network, WiiWare and Mac OS X.

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Gameplay Edit

Flight Control is a game in which the player needs to direct the planes to the landing strips as they(airplanes) appear, preventing them from colliding with each other. There are four types of airplanes, the large passenger aircraft, the small passeger aircraft, military aircraft and helicopters. Helicopters need to be directed to the helipads, while the passenger aircraft need to land on the landing strip. If a mid-air collision occurs, the game is over and the number of airplanes you have landed becomes your score.

Achievements Edit

Total: 16AchievementsIcon — 200GamerscoreIcon

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