The Harvest
Price US$6.99
Developer Luma Arcade
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
Release date 16 October 2010
Operating system Windows Phone 7
Genre Action RPG
Modes Single player
Category Games
Subcategory Unknown edit
Trial available Yes
Size 86 MB
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The Harvest is a 3D action RPG game developed by Luma Arcade and published by Microsoft Game Studios for Windows Phone 7. It was one of the first Windows Phone 7 games announced, being previewed at a MIX event in early 2010 when the phone was announced.

Story Edit

Gameplay Edit

Achievements Edit

Total: 20AchievementsIcon — 200GamerscoreIcon
Achievement-TheHarvest1 Anti-Venom You have destroyed the first Boss – Amelatu. 10GamerscoreIcon
File:Achievement-TheHarvest2.png Arachnocide You have destroyed the second Boss - Enki. 10GamerscoreIcon
File:Achievement-TheHarvest3.png Asp Wind Your stealth skills are unsurpassed. 5GamerscoreIcon
File:Achievement-TheHarvest4.png Completionist If you want something done right, get the GDF to do it. 15GamerscoreIcon
File:Achievement-TheHarvest5.png Destructive Force You are a destructive force of nature. 15GamerscoreIcon
File:Achievement-TheHarvest6.png Falcon EMP You left them speechless, and dead. 5GamerscoreIcon
File:Achievement-TheHarvest7.png Great Explorer The Harvesters can run, but they can not hide from you. 15GamerscoreIcon
File:Achievement-TheHarvest8.png Juggernaut You are untouchable. 15GamerscoreIcon
File:Achievement-TheHarvest9.png Juiced Up It's all or nothing for you! 5GamerscoreIcon
File:Achievement-TheHarvest10.png Kitted Out You have got style! 10GamerscoreIcon
File:Achievement-TheHarvest11.png Level UP You are our GDF's most decorated hero. 10GamerscoreIcon
File:Achievement-TheHarvest12.png Loyalty You have earned our army's complete trust. 15GamerscoreIcon
File:Achievement-TheHarvest13.png Multitool You know how to use your special abilities under pressure! 5GamerscoreIcon
File:Achievement-TheHarvest14.png Scarab Express They better get out of the way of “The Scarab Express”! 5GamerscoreIcon
File:Achievement-TheHarvest15.png Shutdown You destroyed the final Boss – Marduk. 10GamerscoreIcon
File:Achievement-TheHarvest16.png Specialist You know your talents. 10GamerscoreIcon
File:Achievement-TheHarvest17.png Speed Run You are like greased lightning. 15GamerscoreIcon
File:Achievement-TheHarvest18.png Survivor No prison can hold you. 5GamerscoreIcon
File:Achievement-TheHarvest19.png Trashman You have destroyed the third Boss - Kingu. 10GamerscoreIcon
File:Achievement-TheHarvest20.png War Journal This one is for all our fallen soldiers. 10GamerscoreIcon

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