LG Corp
Founded 1947 - Busan, South Korea
Chief Executive Officer Koo Bon-Moo
Number of employees 177,000
Headquarters Taoyuan, Taiwan
Revenue US$104.3 billion
Operating systems Windows Phone 7, Android
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LG is a conglomerate corporation that has a number of divisions in a wide range of industries.

Handsets Edit

HTC has sold a wide variety of handsets for many operating systems

Windows Phone 7 Edit

HTC has released 4 handsets based on Windows Phone 7 to the public. They have also announced the HTC 7 Pro which is yet to be released. The company has stated that they are very happy with the initial sales and reception of their handsets based on the operating system, and have more in the pipeline for later in 2011.

The 4 devices they have released are:

Android Edit

HTC primarily creates handsets for Google's Android.

Windows Mobile Edit

Windows Mobile was HTC's original primary operating system before they switched to Android. They created both feature phones and smartphones on the OS series.