Nokia Corporation
Founded 1865 - Tampere, Finland
Chief Executive Officer Stephen Elop
Number of employees 132,430
Headquarters Espoo, Finland
Revenue €42.45 billion
Operating systems Symbian, MeeGo, Windows Phone 7
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Nokia is a telecommunications company based in Finland. Nokia originally was established as a paper and pulp milling company, but has since transformed to mobile phones, networks, navigation and other technologies. The company is the largest distributor of mobile phones in the world.

Handsets Edit

The company has made a huge number of handsets since its beginnings

Symbian Edit

Symbian was Nokia's primary operating system that was developed within the organisation. It has seen 3 versions.

MeeGo Edit

MeeGo was an operating system that Nokia had been developing with Intel. When Nokia announced their partnership with Microsoft, Stephen Elop stated that MeeG

Windows Phone 7 Edit

Nokia adopted Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 after many months of speculation following Nokia's dwindling share of the smartphone market. Nokia and Microsoft officially announced the alliance 11 February 2011. As part of the deal, Microsoft will allow Nokia to use its software, while also paying the Finnish company billions of dollars. Nokia will contribute a number of its services and research, including Navteq and Ovi.

Although Nokia has not announced any particular models or specifications for new handsets, they have released 2 images of concept designs. The phones feature in a number of colours, living up to Nokia's normal practice. Although similar, each of the two images shows a different handset.

Nokia has stated that they hope to have a couple of handsets released by the end of 2011, with mass production beginning in 2012.