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Note: If there is any copyright issue, let whoever holds the copyright decide to publish a public letter or note to his/her claim to ownership. Otherwise, do not delete something that has been publicly created by a group of people.

Alchemic Phone 6 is a puzzle game for Windows Phone 7. This game is not to be confused with Alchemy for Android which has a different set of combinations that a majority of the time will not work.

Missing combination details:

Farmer (Not Seed / Man)
Cenote (Landforms)
Quantum Physics (Sciences)
Blindness (Life)
Beauty (Man)
Conscience (Man)
Aqueduct (Ancient Tech)
Tuning (Arts)
Asgard (History and myth)

The following is the correct list of elements. Feel free to add more as you go along.

Rules for adding items
1. Check if any of the bind items are listed first ie Fire + Beach = Bonfire. Is Beach listed? Is the bind items for Beach listed as well, etc, etc.
2. As the list gets longer, it becomes harder to locate where items are so to make it easier, format in this way:
Correct Way
Bonfire (Fire)
3. Keep the code simple
Sample code
|(Item being combined)
|(Bind item #1)
|(Bind item #2)
|-Asgard (History and myth)
|Bridge (In the City)
|Rainbow (Air)

Element Reactions

Results Component Component
Bonfire (Fire) Fire Beach (Landforms)
Brimstone (Fire) Hell (Fire) Hail (Water)
Charcoal (Fire) Kiln (Ancient Tech) Wood (Plants)
Coal (Fire) Peat (Earth) Pressure (Sciences)
Comet (Fire) Ice (Water) Space (Sciences)
Explosion (Fire) Fire Pressure (Sciences) / Gunpowder (Ancient Tools)
Fireworks (Fire) Gunpowder (Ancient Tech) Colours (Arts)
Gas (Fire) Pressure (Sciences) Plankton (Life)
Gasoline (Fire) Petroleum (Fire) Chemistry (Sciences)
Glow (Fire) Radiation (Sciences) Phosphorescense (Sciences)
Heat (Fire) Fire Air (Air)
Heat (Fire) Fire Gunpowder (Ancient Tech)
Hell (Fire) Fire Infinity (Sciences)
Lava (Fire) Eruption (Events) Volcano (Landforms)
Limelight (Fire) Fire Quicklime (Earth)
Magma (Fire) Earth (Earth) Fire
Meteor (Fire) Shooting (Fire) Gravity (Sciences)
Neutron Star (Fire) Star (Fire) Explosion (Fire)
Petroleum (Fire) Pressure (Sciences) Plankton (Life)
Plasma (Fire) Electricity (Sciences) Fire
Pulsar (Fire) Neutron Star (Fire) Magnetism (Sciences)
Shooting Star (Fire) Star (Fire) Movement (Sciences)
Solar Flare (Fire) Sun (Fire) Explosion (Fire)
Spark (Fire) Flint (Earth) Metal (Earth)
Star (Fire) Sun (Fire) Space (Sciences)
Sun (Fire) Fire Gravity (Sciences)
Super Nova (Fire) Star (Fire) Explosion (Fire)
Wildfire (Fire) Fire Forest (Landforms)
Napalm Gasoline Jelly
Pyrotechnics Fire Concert
EARTH (Earth) 52
Alloy (Earth) Metal (Earth) Metal (Earth)
Aluminum (Earth) Can Recycling
Ash (Earth) Volcano (Landforms) Air (Air)
Boulder (Earth) Glacier (Landforms) Stone (Earth)
Bronze (Earth) Game (Culture) Metal (Earth)
Chalk (Earth) Time (Sciences) Shell (Earth)
Chlorine (Earth) Electricity (Sciences) Salt (Food & Drinks)
Clay (Earth) Wind (Air) Mountain (Landforms)
Copper (Earth) Stone Age (History & Myth) Metal (Earth)
Diamond (Earth) Coal (Fire) Pressure (Sciences)
Dust (Earth) Ash (Earth) Ash (Earth)
Dust (Earth) Volcano (Landforms) Explosion (Fire)
Dust (Earth) Water (Water) Fire
Earth (Earth) STARTER
Flint (Earth) Chalk (Earth) Pressure (Sciences)
Fossil (Earth) Stick (Tools) Mud (Earth)
Glass (Earth) Sand (Earth) Fire
Glass (Earth) Sand (Earth) Lightning (Air)
Graphite (Earth) Diamond (Earth) Time (Sciences)
Gold (Earth) Game (Culture) Metal (Earth)
Gold (Earth) Metal (Earth) Philosopher's stone (Myths)
Kryptonite (Earth) Superman (People) Mineral (Earth)
Lime (Earth) Kiln (Ancient Tech) Limestone (Earth)
Limestone (Earth) River (Water) Mountain (Landforms)
Lye (Earth) Ash (Earth) Water (Water)
Marble (Earth) Limestone (Earth) Pressure (Sciences)
Metal (Earth) Stone (Earth) Fire
Mineral (Earth) Stone (Earth) Chemistry (Sciences)
Moon (Earth) Satellite (Earth) Planet Earth (Earth)
Mud (Earth) Water (Water) Earth (Earth)
Peat (Earth) Mire (Landforms) Fungi (Plant)
Peat (Earth) Mire (Landforms) Fern (Plant)
Planet Earth (Earth) Gravity (Sciences) Earth (Earth)
Platinum (Earth) Copper (Earth) Electricity (Sciences)
Plutonium Uranium Radiation (Sciences)
Potassium (Earth) Lye (Earth) Electricity (Sciences)
Pumice (Earth) Lava (Fire) Vapour (Air)
Quartz (Earth) Silicon (Earth) Oxygen (Air)
Quartz (Earth) Mineral (Earth) Clock (Time)
Quicklime (Earth) Limestone (Earth) Heat (Fire)
Rust (Earth) Metal (Earth) Water (Water)
Sand (Earth) Stone (Earth) Wind
Sandstone Sand (Earth) Stone (Earth)/Pressure (Sciences)/Clay (Earth)
Satellite (Earth) Gravity (Sciences) Stone (Earth)/Meteor (Fire)
Shale (Earth) Quartz (Earth) Clay (Earth)
Shell (Earth) Stone (Earth) Plankton (Life)
Shell (Earth) Stone (Earth) Rain (Water)
Silicon (Earth) Sand (Earth) Electricity (Sciences)
Silver (Earth) Game (Culture) Metal (Earth)
Slate (Earth) Chalk (Earth) School
Sodium (Earth) Salt (Food & Drinks) Electricity (Sciences)
Soot (Earth) Fire Chimney (Products)
Stalactite (Earth) Drop (Water) Cavern (Landforms)
Stalagmite (Earth) Stalactite (Earth) Drop (Water)
Stone (Earth) Earth (Earth) Pressure (Sciences)
Tin Can Recycling
Uranium Uranus Metal (Earth)
Volcanic Rock (Earth) Lava (Fire) Water (Water)
WATER (Water) 35
Acid Rain (Water) Rain (Water) Smog (Air)
Bleach (Water) Water Oxygen (Air)
Bubble (Water) Fart (Man) Water
Deeps (Water) Ocean (Water) Pressure (Sciences)
Delta (Water) River (Water) Sea (Water)
Deluge (Water) Rain (Water) Rain (Water)
Dew (Water) Grass (Plants) Cold (Air)
Drizzle (Water) Cold (Air) Fog (Air)
Drop (Water) Gravity (Sciences) Water (Water)
Flood (Water) Rain (Water) Mud (Earth)
Frost (Water) Grass (Plants) Ice (Water)
Hail (Water) Rain (Water) Ice (Air)
Holy Water (Water) Water (Water) Priest (Professions)
Ice (Water) Water (Water) Cold (Air)
Icicle (Water) Ice (Water) Drop (Water)
Lake (Water) River (Water) Earth (Earth)
Maelstrom (Water) Whirlpool (Water) Rotation (Science)
Ocean (Water) Sea (Water) Sea (Water)
Pearl (Water) Oyster (Animals) Sand (Earth)
Pond (Water) Lake (Water) Earth (Earth)
Precipitation (Water) Rain (Water) Snow (Water)
Rain (Water) Drop (Water) Drop (Water)
Rain (Water) Drop (Water) Cloud (Air)
River (Water) Water (Water) Movement (Sciences)
Sea (Water) Water (Water) Water (Water)
Snow (Water) Rain (Water) Cold (Air)
Snowball (Water) Snow (Water) War (Events)
Snowman (Water) Man (Man) Snow (Water)
Tides (Water) Moon (Earth) Sea (Water)
Water (Water) STARTER
Waterfall (Water) River (Water) Gravity (Sciences)
Waterspout (Water) Sea (Water) Tornado (Air)
Wave (Water) Sea (Water) Wind (Air)
Well (Water) Hole Water
Whirlpool (Water) Tides (Water) Rotation (Science)
AIR 39
Atmosphere (Air) Light (Sciences) Algae (Plants)
Blizzard (Air) Snow (Water) Wind (Air)
Carbon Dioxide Oxygen (Air) Breathing (Life)
Cloud (Air) Air (Air) Water (Water)
Cold (Air) Wind (Air) Air (Air)
Currents (Air) Ocean (Water) River (Water)
Fog (Air) Cold (Air) Vapour (Air)
Geyser (Air) Volcano (Landforms) Water
Heaven (Air) Air (Air) Infinity (Sciences)
Helium Star Fusion
Horizon (Air) Earth (Earth) Sky
Hurricane (Air) Tornado(Air) Ocean (Water)
Hydrogen (Air) Water Electricity (Sciences)
Levanter Wind Sunrise
Lightning (Air) Cold (Air) Friction (Sciences)
Methane (Air) Gas (Fire) Swamp(Landforms)
Mistral Venice Wind
Night Sky Constellation Constellation
Ostro Wind South
Oxygen (Air) Water Electricity (Sciences)
Ozone (Air) Oxygen (Air) Oxygen (Air)
Pollution (Air) Sea (Water) Petroleum (Fire)
Poniente Wind Sunset
Rainbow(Air) Rain (Water) Sun
Sirocco (Air) Wind(air) Desert(Landforms)
Sky Night Sky Sun
Smog (Air) Smoke (Air) Fog (Air)
Smoke (Air) Water (Water) Fire
Smoke (Air) Fire Gunpowder (Ancient Tech)(Ancient Tech)
Sonic Boom (Air) Sound (Sciences) Explosion (Fire)
Steam(Air) Fire Ice (Water)
Storm(Air) Wind (Air) Rain (Water)
Sun Dog (Air) Rainbow Cold (Air)
Thunder (Air) Cloud Cloud
Thunderstorm (Air) Storm Thunder
Tornado(Air) Storm(Air) Storm(Air)
Tramontane Wind North
Vapour (Air) Heat (Fire) Water (Water)
Wind (Air) Air (Air) Movement (Sciences)
Astronomy (Sciences) Movement (Sciences) Planet Earth (Earth)
Attraction (Sciences) Magnet (Tools) Metal (Earth)
Atom (Sciences) Tunnel Microscope
Atomic Energy (Sciences) War (Events) Fission (Sciences)
Big Bang (Sciences) Explosion (Fire) Space (Sciences)
Biology (Sciences) Chemistry (Sciences) Life (Life)
Black Hole (Sciences) Infinity (Sciences) Gravity (Sciences)
Black Hole (Sciences) Light (Sciences) Gravity (Sciences)
Black Hole (Sciences) Supernova Gravity (Sciences)
Chaos (Sciences) Movement (Sciences) Butterfly (Animal)
Chemistry (Sciences) Water Electricity (Sciences)
Circle Compass Pencil
Climate (Sciences) Currents (Air) Precipitation (Water)
Clockwise Clock (Ancient Tech) Rotation (Science)
Coriolis Effect (Sciences) Water Rotation (Science)
Cube Square Space
Cylinder Circle Space
Dark Matter Space Shadow
Darkness (Sciences) Black Hole (Sciences) Light (Sciences)
Digit Mathematics (Sciences) Symbol
Doppler Effect (Sciences) Movement (Sciences) Sound (Sciences)
Echo Sound (Sciences) Cavern (Landforms)
Echo Sound (Sciences) Reflection (Sciences)
Electricity (Sciences) Cloud Cloud
Electron Atom Chemistry
Event Horizon (Air) Time (Sciences) Black Hole (Sciences)
Faraday Cage Car Static charge
Fibonacci Mathematics (Sciences) Tree
Fibonacci Mathematics (Sciences) leaf
Fission (Sciences) Uranium Impact
Frequency Time (Sciences) Wave (Water)
Friction Movement (Sciences) Pressure (Sciences)
Fusion Pressure (Sciences) Atomic Energy
Galaxy (Sciences) Star (Fire) Star (Fire)
Gravity (Sciences) Movement (Sciences) Space (Sciences)
Half-Life Radioactivity Uranium
Half-Life Radioactivity Decay
Infinity (Sciences) Time (Sciences) Time (Sciences)
Ion Atom Electron
Larsen Effect (Sciences) Echo (Sciences) Echo (Sciences)
Light (Sciences) Fire Space (Sciences)
Line Point Point
Magnetism (Sciences) Electricity (Sciences) Metal (Earth)
Mathematics (Sciences) Tides (Water) Astronomy (Sciences)
Mathematics (Sciences) Man (Man) Money (Ancient Tech)
Molecule (Sciences) Atom (Sciences) Atom (Sciences)
Movement (Sciences) Time (Sciences) Space (Sciences)
Nebula Supernova Cloud (Air)
Neutron Atom (Science) Chemistry (Science)
Noise Sound (Sciences) Sound (Sciences)
Periodic Table Table (Tools) Atom (Sciences)
Perpetuum Mobile Infinity (Sciences) Movement (Sciences)
Phosphorescence Chemistry (Sciences) Light
Physics Movement (Sciences) Philosophy(Culture)
Plane Line Infinity (Sciences)
Point Basket Ball
Pressure (Sciences) Space (Sciences) Gravity (Sciences)
Proton Atom (Sciences) Chemistry (Sciences)
Quantum Physics
Radiation (Sciences) Star Wave
Radioactivity Ion (Sciences) Radiation (Sciences)
Reflection Light (Sciences) Water (Water)
Relativity Light (Sciences) Time (Sciences)
Repulsion Magnet (Tools) Magnet (Tools)
Revolution Planet Earth (Earth) Sun (Fire)
Rotation (Science) Movement (Sciences) Wheel (Ancient tech)
Sound Wind (Air) Shell (Earth)
Sound Wave (Water) Air (Air)
Sphere Circle Cube
Static Charge Friction (Sciences) Glass (Earth)
Time (Sciences) STARTER
Vacuum Air (Air) Void (Sciences)
Void Space (Sciences) Space (Sciences)
Weather Forecast Predictions Climate
Wormhole Black Hole (Sciences) Black Hole (Sciences)
Landforms 29
Archipelago Island (Landform) Island (Landform)
Atoll Island Coral
Beach (Landforms) Sand (Earth) Sea (Water)
Caldera (Landforms) Volcano (Landforms) Crater (Landforms)
Canyon River Time (Sciences)
Cavern Rain (Water) Limestone (Earth)
Crater Meteor (Fire) Planet Earth (Earth)
Desert Sand (Earth) Sand (Earth)
Forest Tree Tree
Glacier Ice (Water) Mountain (Landform)
Iceberg Ocean (Water) Ice (Water)
Island Volcano (Landforms) Ocean (Water)
Island Volcano (Landforms) Sea (Water)
Jungle Rainforest Heat (Fire)
Karst Rain (Water) Limestone (Earth)
Mesa Stone (Earth) Prairie
Mire Pond Moss
Mountain Earth (Earth) Stone (Earth)
Oasis Desert Grass (Plants)
Prarie Grass (Plants) Grass (Plants)
Quagmire Mire Peat (Earth)
Rainforest Forest Rain
Reef Coral (Animal) Ocean (Water)
Swamp Tree Lake
Taiga Forest Cold (Air)
Taiga Forest Tundra
Tundra Desert Cold (Air)
Volcano (Landforms) Magma (Fire) Earth (Earth)
Volcano (Landforms) Magma (Fire) Explosion (Fire)
Volcano (Landforms) Magma (Fire) Mountain (Landform)
Alien Life (Life) Space (Sciences)
Arm Apple Money (Ancient Tech)
Bacteria Primordial Soup Time (Sciences)
Beard Goat Hair
Blood Cow Knife (Tools)
Bone Decay (Events) Corpse (Life)
Breathing Life Athmosphere
Cocoon Alien (Life) Pool (Products)
Corpse War (Events) Man (Man)
Corpse Elder Time (Sciences)
Danger Running Scissors
Death Lake (Water) Reflection (Sciences)
Egg Bird (Animal) Bird (Animal)
Egg Life (Life) Stone (Earth)
Excrements Cow Grass (Plants)
Extremophiles Plankton Volcano (Landforms)
Finger Digit Man (Man)
Footprint Walking Mud (Earth)
Ghost Sheet Air
Golem Life (Life) Clay (Earth)
Hair Fur Man (Man)
Hand Finger Palm (Plants)
Head Revolution King
Heart Pump Blood
Howl Wolf Moon
Infection Bacteria (Life) Invasion (Events)
Leg Apple (Food & Drink) Money (Ancient Tech)
Life Ocean (Water) Lightining (Air)
Life Pond (Water) Lightning (Air)
Luck Horse Shoe
Lung Breathing Pump
Mutation Radioactivity (Sciences) Life (Life)
Mutation Radioactivity (Sciences) Man (Man)
Nervous system Sodium (Earth) Potassium (Earth)
Nest Bird Tree
Hive Insect Nest
Pee Dog Tree
Plankton Primordial Soup Time (Sciences)
Primordial Soup Ocean (Water) Lightning (Air)
Primordial Soup Pond (Water) Lightning (Air)
Pulse Blood Rhythm
Resting Running Time (Sciences)
Rib ?? ??
Running Stick (Tools) Dog
Scratch Stone (Earth) Glasses (Tools)
Sex Alien (Life) Alien (Life)
Shadow Light Tree
Shock Static Charge Skin
Sickness Man (Man) Virus
Skeleton Decay (Events) Corpse (Life)
Skin Cow Knife
Sleep Resting Resting
Sting Thorn (Plants) Skin (Life)
Stress Life (Life) Pressure (Sciences)
Sweat Skin Heat (Fire)
Tail Coin Head
Tear Drop (Water) Salt (Food & Drinks)
Tickle Feather Skin
Tooth Dentist Tools
View Mountain Landscape
Virus Man (Man) Cold (Air)
Walking Man (Man) Movement (Sciences)
MAN 62
Ambidestrous Right Left
Angel Man (Man) Heaven (Air)
Asthma Mite Breathing
Bald Elder (Man) Hair (Life)
Best Friend Man (Man)



Horse (Animals) Circuit (Transport)
Clan Village Village
Clap Palm (Plants) Palm (Plants)
Conversation Voice Voice
Cry War (Events) Voice
Cyborg Man (Man) Robot
Daemon Man (Man) Hell (Fire)
Elder Man (Man) Time (Sciences)
Fart Gas (Fire) Noise (Sciences)
Fine Graffiti (Culture) Police (Professions)
Frostbite Ice (Water) Salt (Food & Drinks)
Fun Man (Man) Man (Man)
Gentleman Man (Man) Education (Culture)
Good Intentions Road Hell (Fire)
Grave Corpse Earth (Earth)
Heirloom Death Money (Ancient Tech)
Hyperventilate Breathing Breathing
Laughter Comedian Voice
Love Man (Man) Man (Man)
Man (Man) Ape Stone (Earth)
Mind (Man) Head (Life) Thinker (Professions)
Mirage Desert Reflection
Nightmare Sleep Scare
Pain Bee (Animals) Man (Man)
Passion Fire (Fire) Love (Man)
Peace ??? ???
Sacrifice Priest (Professions) Animal
Scare Noise (Sciences) Darkness(Sciences)
Secret Fire Letter
Selfishness Mine Mine
Silence Sound (Sciences) Space (Sciences)
Sin Fruit Snake
Slavery Man (Man) Private Property
Sleepwalking Walking Sleep
Sneezing Breathing Dust
Sunburn Sun Tan
Tan Sun Skin
Torture Electricity (Sciences) Scare
Trash Man (Man) Plastic
Vice Game Money (Ancient Tech)
Voice Man (Man) Sound
Wish Shooting Star (Fire) Night Sky
Work Man (Man) Machine
Abacus Mathematics (Sciences) Machine
Agriculture Canal Earth (Earth)
Brick Mud (Earth) Fire
Building Brick Cement
Canal River Wall
Cement Clay (Earth) Lime
Ceramic Clay (Earth) Fire
Clock Time (Sciences) Machine
Coin Money (Ancient Tech) Metal (Earth)
Compass Magnet (Tools) Needle
Crop Rotation (Science) Calendar Agriculture
Dam Beaver Stick (Tools)
Dam Beaver Tree
Dam River (Water) Lake (Water)
Engine Machine Movement (Sciences)
Fertiliser Excrement Earth
Fire Branding Private Proprty Cow
Grindstone Sandstone (Earth) Wheel
Gunpowder (Ancient Tech) Dust (Earth) Fire
Kiln (Ancient Tech) Oven (Ancient Tech) Fire
Kiln (Ancient Tech) Oven Heat (Fire)
Machine Heat (Fire) Movement (Sciences)
Masonry Brick Mathematics (Sciences)
Mill River Wheel
Moat Castle Canal
Money (Ancient Tech) Man (Man) Work (Man)
Navigation Compass Sea
Oven Brick (Ancient Tech) Fire
Oven Mud (Earth) Brick
Oven Stone (Earth) Mud (Earth)
Paper Cellulose Pressure (Sciences)
Postal Service Letter Travel
Printing Press Machine (Ancient Tech) Ink (Consumable)
Pump Machine (Ancient Tech) Pressure (Sciences)
Sundial Sun Stick (Tools)
Taxes Government Money (Ancient Tech)
Wall Brick Brick
Water Pump Pump (Ancient Tech) Water (Water)
Wheel Tools Boulder (Earth)
Android Man (Man) Robot
Blog Diary (Culture) Internet (Modern Tech)
Calculator Abacus (Ancient Tech) Machine (Ancient Tech)
Capitalism Private Property (Modern Tech) Money (Ancient Tech)
Compressed Air Engine Air
Computer Calculator Silicon (Earth)
E-Commerce Merchant (Professions) Internet (Modern Tech)
E-mail Computer (Modern Tech) Letter (Arts)
Facebook Computer Blackhole
Firewall Wall Internet
GPS Navigation (Ancient Tech) Satellite (Earth)
Hydroponics Greenhouse Water
Internet Computer Telephone
Laser Light Electricity (Sciences)
MRI Magnet (Tools) Medicine
Optical Fibre Light (Sciences) Cable (Consumables)
Penicillin Fungi Medicine
Plastic Petroleum (Fire) Heat (Fire)
Pony Express Postal Service (Ancient Tech) Horse
Private property Cultivated Land (Plants) Money (Ancient Tech)
Radar Wave (Water) Reflection (Sciences)
Radio Sound Machine
Recycling Environmentalist Trash
Robot Computer Machine
Rubber Knife Palm
SETI Internet Alien
SMS Message Telephone
Software Tools Computer
Solar Panel Sun Battery
Sonar Radar (Modern) Water (Water)
Spark Plug Ceramic Spark (Fire)
Steam Engine Engine Steam
Stereo Music Music
Superconductor Cold (Air) Magnet (Tools)
Telephone Electricity (Sciences) Message
Telescope Mirror Lens
Time Machine Time (Sciences) Travel
Twitter Internet Bird
Bagpipe Bag Flute
Ballet Fencing Music
Chinese Shadow Animal Shadow
Colours Reflection (Sciences) Light (Sciences)
Column Stalactite Stalagmite
Drawing Paper Pencil
Drums Skin Wood (Plants)
Flute Wood (Plants) Wind
Graffiti Ink Cavern
Guitar Wood (Plants) Wire (Consumables)
Gulliver's Travels Dwarf (People) Giant (History & Myths)
Harp Music Heaven
Hymns Singing (Arts) Religion (Culture
Jewel Volcanic Rock (Earth) Pressure (Sciences)
Letter Paper Ink
Magic Smoke Mirror
Maracas Coconot (Food & Drink) Seed (Plants)
Message Paper Ink
Monet Painting Line
Monument Building (Ancient Tech) History (Culture)
Music Man (Man) Sound (Sciences)
Painting Colours Paper
Photography Chemistry (Sciences) Painting
Picasso Painting Cube
Pottery Kiln (Ancient Tech) Clay (Earth)
Rhythm Drums Time (Sciences)
Ring Circle Gold (Earth)
Sculpture Tools Stone (Earth)
Seraut Painting Point
Shakespeare Monkey Infinity (Sciences)
Singing Voice (Man) Music (Arts)
Tattoo Ink Skin
The Thinker (by Rodin) Thinker (Professions) Sculpture (Arts)
Violin Guitar (Arts) Bow (Tools)
Altar Animal Sacrifice
Amulet Jewel Religion
Astrology Astronomy (Sciences) Prediction
Book Paper Thinker
Calendar Tides (Water) Astronomy (Sciences)
Cannibalism Barbecue (Events) Man (Man)
Censorship Fire (Fire) Book (Culture)
Chess Game (Culture) War (Events)
Constellation Astronomy (Sciences) Star (Fire)
Cremation Fire (Fire) Corpse (Life)
Crime Good & Bad Money (Ancient Tech)
Crown Hat (Products) King (People)
Diary Pen / Calender Book
Documentary Life Televison
Education Stick (Tools) Carrot (Food & Drink)
Fencing Game Sword
Field Trip School Museum
Folklore Village (Places) Bonfire (Fire)
Game (Culture) Law & Justice Fun
Good & Bad Wisdom Wisdom
Heavy Metal Music (Arts) Metal (Earth)
History Book Time
Idol Gold (Earth) Cow (Animals)
Jukebox Coin Music
Language Message Voice
Law & Justice Good & Bad Money (Ancient Tech)
Medicine Wisdom Bacteria
Military Army (Professions) Army (Professions)
Mummy Corpse Cloth
Necklace Shell (Earth) Thread & Yarn (Consumables)
Nursery Rhyme Salt (Food & Drink) Tail (Life)
Philosophy Love Wisdom
Predictions Mathematics (Sciences) Calendar (Culture)
Quiz Show Game Television
Religion Corpse(Life) Earth (Earth)
Rock'n'Roll Stone (Earth) Music
Sceptre Jewel (Arts) Stick (Tools)
School Fish Fish
Sci-fi Fly Man (Man)
Soccer Net (Tools) Ball (Tools)
Symbol Philosophy Sign
Toy Game Plastic
Wisdom Man (Man) Time (Sciences)
Yodel Echo (Sciences) Mountain (Landform)
Zodiac Astronomy (Sciences) Calendar
Alchemist (Professions) Philosopher's Stone (Earth) Man (Man)
Army Warrior (Professions) Warrior (Professions)
Comedian (Professions) Man (Man) Fun (Man)
Cowboy (Professions) Cow Man (Man)
Dentist (Professions) Man Pain
Doctor (Professions) Man (Man) Medicine
Driver Car (Transport) Man (Man)
Environmentalist Man (Man) Planet Earth (Earth)
Fortune Teller Predictions (Culture) Palm (Plants)
Government King (People) Time (Sciences)
Hula Girl Coconut (Food & Drink) Coconut (Food & Drink)
Hunter Man (Man) Animal
Judge Law & Justice Man (Man)
Knight Warrior (Professions) Horse (Animals)
Mad Programmer Computer Man (Man)
Magician Smoke (Air) Mirror (Tools)
Merchant Man (Man) Money (Ancient Tech)
Monk Priest (Professions) Silence
Musician Guitar (Arts) Man (Man)
Painter Painting (Arts) Man (Man)
Philantropist Man (Man) Love (Man)
Pilot Airplane (Transport) Man (Man)
Pirate Sailor Crime (Culture)
Pirate Sailor Thief (Professions)
Pirate Sailor Rum
Pirate Sailor Alcohol
Police Weapons (Tools) Law & Justice (Culture)
Pornstar Star (Fire) Sex (Life)
Priest (Professions) Religion Man (Man)
Prostitute Sex Money (Ancient Tech)
Sailor Man (Man) Sea (Water)
Scuba Deeps (Water) Breathing (Life)
Shaman Priest (Professions) Medicine
Sheperd Man (Man) Sheep
Thief Crime Man
Thinker Philosophy Man (Man)
Veterinarian Doctor Animals
Warrior Man (Man) Weapons (Tools)
Adam Man (Man) Leaf (Plants)
Alcoholic Man (Man) Alcohol (Food & Drink)
Arsene Lupin Gentleman (Man) Thief (Professions)
Batman Bat Man (Man)
Bedouin Oasis (Landforms) Camel (Animal)
Charlie Brown Circle (Sciences) Head (Life)
Chuck Norris Ninja Cowboy (Professions)
Clark Kent Superman (People) Glasses (Tools)
Donald Duck Duck Comic
Dr. Zoidberg Crustacean Alien
Dude Surfboard Man (Man)
Dwarf Beard Mine
Elvis King (People) Music (Arts)
ET Bicyle (Transport) Alien (Life)
Family Guy Quagmire Television
Frankenstein Corpse (Life) Electricity (Sciences)
Gallaghers Oasis (Landforms) Oasis (Landforms)
Garrison Kieller Prairie Radio (Modern Tech)
Geek Love Computer
Highlander Life (Life) Infinity (Sciences)
Hippie School / Man (Man) Pot / Flower (Plants)
Homer Simpson Fish Lightbulb
Humpty Dumpty Egg Wall
Indian Prairie Man (Man)
James Brown Sex Machine
Jedi Monk (Professions) Lightsaber (Special Alchemy)
King Man Sceptre
King War (Events) Clan (Man)
King Kong Ape (Animals) King (People)
Louis Jordan Jukebox (Culture) King (People)
Mermaid Man (Man) Fish
Michael Jackson Walking Moon
Mythbusters Television Explosion (Fire)
Ninja Warrior (Professions) Shadow (Life)
Orson Welles Radio (Modern Tech) Invasion (Events)
Pamela Anderson Silicon (Earth) Bleach (Water)
Pharaoh Mummy (Culture) Gold (Earth)
Pilgrim Religion Walking
Pinocchio Wood (Plants) Life
Prince Deep Purple (Special) Rain (Water)
Rodney James Dio Darkness (Sciences) Rainbow (Air)
Santa Man (Man) Chimney
Satan Angel Hell (Fire)
Simon & Garfunkel Sound (Sciences) Silence (Man)
Smurf Fungi House
Snoopy Charlie Brown (People Dog (animals)
Spiderman Man (Man) Spider
Superman (People) Man (Man) Air
Tarzan Man (Man) Jungle
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle (Animals) Mutation
Terminator Robot (Modern Tech) Time Machine (Modern Tech)
The Flintstones Flint (Earth) Stone (Earth)
Transformers Car (Transport) Robot (Modern Tech)
Vampire Man (Man) Blood
Werewolf Wolf Man (Man)
Yoda Jedi (Professions) Swamp (Landforms)
Zombie Walking Death
Anvil Brick Metal (Earth)
Bag Man (Man) Plastic
Ball Rubber (Modern Tech) Sphere (Sciences)
Barrel Petroleum (Fire) Metal (Earth)
Bill Paper Money (Ancient Tech)
Blowtorch Gas (Fire) Fire
Boiler Steam (Air) Furnace (Tools)
Bow Arrow (Consumables) Tread & Yarn (Consumables)
Cane Stick (Tools) Walking
Cane Stick (Tools) Elder
Cap Bottle (Consumables) Hat (Products)
Cauldron Pot Bonfire
Chain Man (Man) Private Property
Chair Resting (Life) Wood (Plants)
Feather Bird Scare
Fence Wall Wood (Plants)
Fire Hydrant Water Pump (Ancient Tech) Fire
Furnace Oven (Ancient Tech) Metal (Earth)
Generator Machine Electricity (Sciences)
Glasses Glass (Earth) Glass (Earth)
Hammer Stick (Tools) Metal (Earth)
Hourglass Sand (Earth) Glass (Earth)
Insulator Ceramic (Ancient Tech) Electricity (Sciences)
Knife Grindstone Metal (Earth)
Lens Glass (Earth) Sphere (Sciences)
Lightning Rod Thunderstorm Metal (Earth)
Lightning Rod Thunder Metal (Earth)
Lightning Rod Lightning (Air) Metal (Earth)
Loom Thread & Yarn Machine
Magnet (Tools) Magnetism (Sciences) Metal (Earth)
Mallet Hammer Wood (Plants)
Microscope Lens (Tools) Bacteria (Life)
Mirror Reflection Glass (Earth)
Net Thread & Yarn (Consumables) Fish (Animals)
Plow Cultivated Land Horse
Pneumatic Tools Compressed Air (Modern Tech) Tools (Tools)
Pot Clay (Earth) Fern (Plants)
Pulley Wheel (Ancient Tech) Rope (Consumables)
Quiver Arrow Bag
Scissors Knife (Tools) Knife (Tools)
Sign Message (Arts) Metal
Sign Message (Arts) Light (Sciences)
Spear Flint (Earth) Stick (Tools)
Spindle Stick (Tools) Rotation
Spinning Wheel Spindle Wheel
Stick (Tools) Tools Tree
Swiss Knife Tools Knife
Sword Weapons Grindstone
Table Plank Chair
Test Tube Blowtorch Glass
Tools Man (Man) Metal (Earth)
Vase Flower Glass (Earth)
Wand Magic (Arts) Stick
Weapons Tools Metal
Arrow Flint (Earth) Stick (Tools)
Barbed Wire Wire Thorn
Basket ?????
Battery Electricity (Sciences) Chemistry (Sciences)
Bottle Blowtorch Glass
Bullet Gunpowder (Ancient Tech) Shell (Earth)
C4 Plastic Explosion (Fire)
Cable Insulator Wire
Can (Consumables) Beer (Food & Drinks) Metals (Earth)
Clip Bullet (Consumables) Bullet (Consumables)
Dynamite Gunpowder (Ancient Tech) Salt (Food & Drinks)
Film Plastic Pressure (Sciences)
Fur Sheep Tools
Glue Horse Fire
Grenade Gunpowder (Ancient Tech) Ceramic (Ancient Tech)
Ink Ash (Earth) Water (Water)
Lightbulb Glass (Earth) Light
Molotov Bottle Gasoline (Fire)
Needle Metal (Earth) Thread & Yarn (Consumables)
Paperboard Paper Paper
Pellet Drop Metal (Earth)
Pen Feather Ink
Pencil Graphite (Earth) Clay (Earth)
Plank Wood (Plants) Mill
Rope Thread & Yarn Thread & Yarn
Sawdust Termite Wood (Plants)
Stucco Lime Sand (Earth)
Thread & Yarn Cotton Spinning Wheel
Thread & Yarn Wool Spindle
Thread & Yarn Cotton Spinning Wheel
Thread & Yarn Wool Spindle
Tinfoil Aluminium Pressure
Toilet Paper Toilet (Products) Paper (Ancient Tech)
Torch Stick (Tools) Fire
Wax Hive (Life) Bee (Animals)
Wire Rope Metal
Wool Sheep Scissors
Amphibian Animal Water
Animal Fish Atmosphere
Ant Insect Work
Ape Mammal Time (Sciences)
Bat Animal Cavern
Bear Animal Forest
Beaver Animal Taiga
Bee Insect Air
Bird Animal Air
Bird Egg (Life) Heat (Fire)
Bison Animal Prarie
Boar Forest Pig
Bull Cow Arena
Butterfly (Animal) Animal Rainforest
Camel Mammal Desert
Caterpillar Butterfly (Animal) Egg
Chameleon Reptile Colours
Chicken Earth (Earth) Bird
Clam Shell (Earth) Shell (Earth)
Cockroach Insect Radioactivity
Coral Sea (Water) Stone (Earth)
Cow Grass (Plants) Amimal
Crab Beach (Landforms) Crustacean
Crocodile Animal Rainforest
Crustacean Plankton Stone (Earth)
Deer Animal Forest
Dinosaur Time Machien Reptile
Dog Wolf House
Duck Bird Pond
Eagle Bird Forest
Electric Eel Fish Electricity (Sciences)
Fish Bacteria Time (Sciences)
Fly Insect Air
Fox Animal Prarie
Frog Amphibian Swamp
Goat Sheep Mountain
Goose Duck Duck
Grizzly Bear Animal Taiga
Hamster Wheel Mammal
Horse Grass (Plants) Animal
Insect Crustacean Atmosphere
Koala Tree Bear
Leach Worm Blood
Lion Animal Jungle
Magpie Bird Thief
Mammal Animal Animal
Mandrill Ape Rainbow
Marsupial Mammal Bag
Mite Animal Dust
Monkey Animal (Animal) Jungle (Landform)
Moose Animal Tundra
Oyster Clam Sex
Parrot Pirate Bird
Parrot Echo Bird
Peacock Rainbow Bird
Penguin Bird Ice
Pig Mammal Mud (Earth)
Pigeon Car Excrements
Platypus Mammal Egg
Polar Bear Bear Ice
Polar Bear Animal Tundra
Pterodactyl Bird Time Machine
Rabbit Animal Prarie
Reindeer Animal Tundra
Reptile Animal Sun
Robin Bird Batman
Salamander Fire Reptile
Sand Dollar Sand (Earth) Money (Ancient Tech)
Scorpion Insect Desert
Seagull Bird (Animal) Sea (Water)
Sheep Grass (Plants) Animal
Snake Sand (Earth) Reptile
Spider Animal Cavern
Termite Wood (Plants) Insect
Tiger Animal Rainforest
Turtle Shell (Earth) Reptile
Turtle Egg (Life) Sand (Earth)
Turtle Egg (Life) Beach (Landforms)
Vulture Corpse Bird
Wasp Fly Sting
Whale Mammal Sea
Wolf Animal Forest
Woodpecker Bird Wood (Plants)
Worm Animal Earth (Earth)
Algae Primordial Soup Time (Sciences)
Banana Monkey Fruit
Cactus Tree Desert
Cellulose Wood Chipping Chemistry (Sciences)
Cereals Grass Agriculture
Clover Ireland (Places) Grass (Plants)
Cocoa Seed Rainforest
Conifer Tree (Plants) Needle (Consumables)
Cotton Wool Tree
Cultivated Land Agriculture (Ancient Tech) Earth (Earth)
Fern Algae Earth (Earth)
Ficus Tree Plastic
Flower Fern Insect
Fruit Flower Tree
Fungi Algae Earth (Earth)
Grass (Plants) Flower Moss
Greenhouse Fern Building
Lawn Grass House
Leaf Tree Wind
Moss Algae Earth (Earth)
Palm Island Tree
Photosynthesis Algea Sun
Pod Whale Whale
Pumpkin Halloween (Events) Fruit (Plants)
Rice Flood Agriculture
Rose Flower Thorn
Seed Fern Sex
Straw Cereals Sun
Sugarcane Grass Heat
Sunflower Sun Flower
Thorn Flower Weapon
Tree Fern Sex
Weeping Willow Tree Cry
Wood (Plants) Tools Tree
Wood Chipping Wood (Plants) Mill
Arson Fire Crime
Aurora Borealis Solar Flare Magnetism (Sciences)
Autumn Seasons Rain
Avalanche Mountain Explosion (Fire)
Barbecue Meat Fire
Christmas Star (Fire) Tree (Plants)
Day & Night Planet Earth (Earth) Rotation (Science)
Decay Tooth Sugar
Disaster Sea Petroleum (Fire)
Earthquake Earth (Earth) Movement (Sciences)
Eclipse Moon Sun
Eruption Volcano (Landforms) Explosion (Fire)
Exorcism Holy Water Posession
Fight Fighter Jet Fighter Jet
Funeral Party (Event) Death (Life)
Halloween Autumn Scare (Man)
Holiday Party (Event) Calendar (Culture)
Impact Meteor (Fire) Planet Earth (Earth)
Invasion Alien Planet Earth (Earth)
Joust Knight (Professions) Game (Culture)


Volcano (Landforms)
Landslide Boulder (Earth) Gravity (Sciences)
Marathon Running (Life) Infinity (Sciences)
Mudslide Mud (Earth) Flood
Never Pig Airplane
Party Beach (Landforms) Fire
Posession Man (Man) Daemon
Pyroclastic flow Wind (Air) Eruption (Event)
Races Horse Circuit
Red Tide Explosion (Fire) Algae (Plants)
Rodeo Horse Arena
Sandstorm Dust Storm
Seasons Planet Earth (Earth) Revolution
Solstice Sun Stonehenge
Spring Seasons Flower
Summer Seasons Heat (Fire)
Sunrise Sun Horizon
Sunset Sun Horizon
Tsunami Earth (Earth)quake Ocean
War (Events) Army Army
Winter Seasons Snow (Water)
Armageddon Hell (Fire) Heaven
Atlantis Deeps Alien
Atlantis Deeps City
Babylon Language Language
Bermuda Triangle Alien Ocean
Centaur Man (Man) Horse
Chastity Belt Sex War (Events)
Chinese Dragon Dragon Rice
Cold War H-bomb H-bomb
Conspiracy Theory Silence Alien
Copper Age Stone Age Metal (Earth)
Crusade War (Events) Religion
Cupid Love Arrow
Discovery of Americas Spices Navigation
Dragon Dinosaur Volcano
Excalibur Sword Stone
Giant Uranus (Events) Planet Earth
Gryphon Eagle Lion
Guy Fawles Bonfire Doll (Products)
Hekatonkheires Giant Arm
Ice Age Time (Sciences) Ice
Industrial Age Engine Work
King Arthur King Excalibur
Leprechaun Rainbow Pot of Gold (Earth)
Man on the Moon Moon Astronaut
Mars Star War (Events)
Medieval Felon Fire Branding Palm
Midas Gold King
Narcissus Lake Reflection
Neptune Ocean King
Pegasus Horse Air
Philosopher's stone Philosophy (Culure) Stone (Earth)
Phoenix Bird Fire
Pot of Gold (Earth) Rainbow Planet Earth (Earth)
Reformation Religion Revolution
River Styx River Hell (Fire)
Romulus & Remus Wolf River
Stone Age Ape Stone (Earth)
Terracotta Army Army Clay
Titan Air Moon
Uranus Chaos Planet Earth
Zeus Thunder King
Area 51 Desert Alien
Australia Platypus Koala
Batcave Cavern Batman
Bikini Island H-Bomb
California Sun (Fire) Earthquake (Event)
Canada Lake Lake
Castle Building King
Circus Bear Bicycle
City Building Building
Dead Sea Sea Salt (Food & Drinks)
Far West Cowboy (Professions) Indian
Floor House Plank
Golf Course Lawn Hole (Special Alchemy)
Great Wall Wall Infintiy
Hawaii Volcano (Landforms) Island
Highlands Mountain Clan
Hut Building Stone (Earth)
Igloo Brick Ice
Ireland Leprechain Island
Kansas Dust Wind
Las Vegas Star (Fire) Dust
Left Coriolis Effect (Sciences) South
Mariana Trench Deeps Deeps
Mine Mountain Dynamite
Mount Rushmore Mountain Sculpture
North Moss Tree
Old Faithful Geyser Time (Sciences)
Pacific Seismic Zone Circle Fire
Polaris Star (Fire) North
Pyramids Pharaod Grave (Man)
Right Coriolis Effect (Sciences) North
Ski Resort Snow (Water) Mountain
South Bird Winter
Stairs Floor Floor
Stonehenge Astronomy (Sciences) Stone (Earth)
Tinto River Rust River
Town House House
Venice City Canal
Village Hut Hut
Woodhenge Wood Astronomy
Yard Lawn Fence
Your Favourite Best Place Heaven Earth (Earth)
Your Favourite Worst Place Hell (Fire) Earth (Earth)
Arena Warrior Game
Bridge River Wood (Plants)
Brothel Building Prostitute
Camping Tent Tent
Cemetery Grave Grave
Church Building Religion
Court Law & Justice Building
Crossroad Road Road
Discoteque Light (Sciences) Noise (Sciences)
Ferris Wheel Wheel Fun
Fountain Water Pump (Ancient tech) Pool (Products)
Hospital Building Sickness
House Man (Man) Building
Ice Rink Lake Ice
Laboratory Building Chemistry (Sciences)
Landfill Trash Seagull
Library Book Building
Mall Shop Shop
Museum Building Time (Sciences)
Neighbor Fence House
Observatory Building Astronomy (Sciences)
Pavement Road Hell (Fire)
Shop Building Merchant
Skyscraper House Air
Square Crossroad Fountain
University Building Wisdom
Zoo Building Animal
Alarm Clock Work
Ashtray Glass (Earth) Ash
Astrotruf Grass (Plants) Plastic
Backpack Bag Mountain
Bed Sleep Straw
Bench Chair Road
Blanket Bed Cloth
Boardgame Game(Cultuure) Paperboard (Consumables)
Bouquet Flower Flower
Catalogue Merchant Book
Chalkboard Slate (Earth) School
Chimney Smoke (Air) Brick (Ancient tech)
Cloth Thread & Yarn Machine
Clothes Cloth Man (Man)
Cosmetics Colours Man (Man)
Couch Man (Man) Television
Counterfeit Money Printing Pess(Anc Tech) Comic (Culu
Countefeit Money Printing Press (anc Tech0 Bill (tools)
Credit Card Money (Ancient Tech) Plastic
Cosmetics Man (Man) Colours (Arts)
Cuckoo Clock Clock (Anc Tech) Bird (Animals)
Deodorant Perfume Gas
Doll Toy Man
Fan Wind Machine
Fishtank Glass (Earth) Fish (Animals)
Flamethrower Blowtorch (Tools) Weapons (Tools)
Flashlight Battery (Consumables) Lightbulb (Consumables)
Grandfather Clock Clock (Anc Tech) Elder (man)
Hat Head Clothes
H-bomb Atomic Energy (Sci) Hydrogen (air)
Jacuzzi Pool Geyser
Kaleidoscope Mirror Mirror
Laptop Computer Battery
Lighter Plastic Gas (Fire)
Mannequin Plastic Doll
Microwave Oven Radiation (Sciences)
Perfume Alcohol Flower
Petri Dish Bacteria Glass (Earth)
Play Dough Clay (Earth) Colours
Pool Water Chlorine (Earth)
Pool Heat (Fire) Ice Rink
Puppet Thread & Yarn Doll
Refrigerator Machine Ice
Royal Dye Ink Deep Purple
Sheet Bed Cloth
Shower Man (Man) Water
Sling Rubber Stone (Earth)
Smartphone Telephone Internet
Sport shoes Rubber Thread & Yarn
Sunglasses Glass (Earth)es Sun
Television Electricity (Sciences) Glass (Earth)
Tent Night Sky (Air) Sleep
Time Bomb Time (Sciences) Dyamite
Tin Soldier Tin Warrior
Toilet Ceramic Exrements
Tyre Wheel Rubber
Umbrella Stick (Tools) Rain
Alcohol Sugar Yeast
Apple Toy Computer
Beer Cereals Yeast
Bread Dough Oven
Bread Dough Yeast
Breakfast Fruitjuice Egg
Cake Flour Egg
Candy Sugar Colours
Caramel Fire Sugar
Carbonara Pasta Egg
Carrot Fruit Earth
Caviar Fish Egg
Chocolate Cocoa Milk
Coconut Palm Seed
Coffee Seed Spark
Cooking Oil Sunflower Pressure
Cream Milk Movement
Distillate Alcohol Fire
Dough Flour Water
Doughnut Dough Police
Easter Egg Egg Painting
Flour Mill Cereals
French Fries Cooking Oil Potato
Fruit Juice Fruit Pressure
Gingerbread Honey Spices
Gingerbread Bread Spices
Grilled Fish Barbeque Fish
Grilled Pork Barbeque Pork
Hamburger Meat Pressure
Honey Bee Hive
Icecream Milk Ice
jelly Glue (Consumables) Fish (Animals)
Lutefisk Fish Lye
Macedonia Salad Fruit Explosion
Marmalade Fruit Sugar
Mayonnaise Egg Movement (Sciences)
Mead Yeast Honey
Meat Cow Knife
Milk Cow Coconut
Omelette Scrambled Eggs Spices
Pasta Dough Egg
Potato Man (Man) Television
Rum Sailor Alcohol
Salt (Food & Drinks) Sea Heat (Fire)
Sangria Fruit Wine
Scrambled Eggs Egg Fire
Soda Carbon Dioxide (Air) Sugar
Sparkling Water Water Gas (Fire)
Spices Fire Seed
Sugar Sugarcane Tools
Surf'n'Turf Grilled Fish Meat
Sushi Rice Fish
Tea Leaf Water
Wine Fruit Yeast
Yeast Fruit Fungi
Yoghurt Bacteria Milk
Fruit Juice Fruit Pressure
Airplane Air Car
Ambulance ecnalubmA (Special Alchemy) Rear View Mirror
Avenue Road Tree
Bicycle Wheel Wheel
Boat Plank Sea
Campervan House Car
Car Cart Engine
Caravan Camel Camel
Cart Wheel Horse
Circuit Infinity (Sciences) Road
Ferrari Car Horse
Ferry Ship Car
Fighter Jet War (Events) Airplane
Green Car Car Hydrogen
Highway Road Toll
Hot Air Balloon Heat Chair
Hybrid Car Electricity
Limo Car Couch
Maglev Railroad Magnetism (Sciences)
Motorbike Bicycle Engine
Passport Travel Book
Pedalo Bicycle Boat
Promenade Avenue Man
Railroad Metal Road
Read View Mirror Car Mirror
Road Wheel Horse
Rocket Airplane Space
Rollercoaster Railroad Gravity
Roman Road Road Stone (Earth)
Roundabout Road Circle
Runway Airplane Road
Sail Boat Cloth
Ship Boat Metal (Earth)
Shuttle Rocket Man
Sidecar Motorbike Chair
Skateboard Surfboard Wheel
Street Road Home
Submarine Deeps Ship
Surfboard Wave Plank
Tandem Bicycle Bicycle
Tank Car War
Titanic Ship Iceberg
Toll Bridge Money
Tractor Car Agriculture
Travel Bag Movement (Sciences)
Tricycle Bicycle Wheel
Tube Tunnel Railroad
Tunnel Road Mountain
Ufo Airplane Alien
Van Hippie Car
Zeppelin Hot Air Balloon Hydrogen (Air)
Age old Debate Chicken Egg
Angry Birds Bird (Animals) Sling (Products)
Arm & Leg Apple Money
Bat Out Of Hell (Fire) Bat Hell (Fire)
Best Movie Scene Ever Werewolf Frankenstein
Chemically Right Gunpowder (Ancient Tech) Charcoal (Fire) Potassium (Earth)
Cold Mathematician Frostbite Abacus
Crop Circles Alien Cultivated Land
David Bowie Star (Fire) Man (Man)
Dangerous Life Running Scissors
Deep Purple Water Smoke
Disco Inferno Discoteque (In the City) Hell (Fire)
Donkey Kong Barrel (Tools) Ape (Animals)
Doom Hell (Fire) Time (Sciences)
Doomsday Clock Armegeddon Clock
Double Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow
Easy Barrel Fish
ecnalubmA Doctor Car
Godzilla Reptile Radioactivity
Godzilla Reptile Mutation
Hole Circle Void
Io Volcano (Landforms) Moon
Land of Oz Rainbow Tornado
Lego Plastic Brick
Liger Lion Tiger
Light Pollution Light Pollution
Lightsaber Laser Sword
Luau Bonfire Pig
Missing Link Man (Man) Ape
Musicians Like Colours Pink Floyd Deep Purple
Paved with Good Intentions Road Hell (Fire)
Pink Floyd Brick Wall
Pink Floyd Moon Darkness
Purgatory Torture Sin
Rolling Stones (Earth) Stone (Earth) Revolution
Sexy Shop Game Sex
Shooting A Fish In A Barrel Barrel Fish
Soap Opera Attraction Repulsion
Soundgarden Black Hole Sun
Spiderpig Spiderman (People) Pig (Animal)
Two Head Are Better Than One Head Head
UH-OH ! Graffiti Police
When Hell Freezes Over Hell (Fire) Snow (Water)
When Pigs Fly Pig Airplane
White Christmas Christmas Snow
Whittle Your Time Away Stick (Tools) Knife (Tools)
Zamboni Machine Machine Ice Rink
Not included in game (as yet) SHOULD BE
Combustion (Sciences)
Distortion (Sciences)
Hardness (Sciences)
Iron (Earth)
Magnitude (Sciences)
Matches (Consumables)
Ore (Earth)
Pollen (Plants)
Strength (Sciences)

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