Well, I am Chicken7, the founder of Windows Phone Wiki. I started editing Wikia in 2007, so have quite a bit of experience. I love Windows Phone, and currently own a HTC Trophy, but plan to get one of the new awesome Nokia devices when they are released.

I am writing this blog post mainly as a test, so I can decide where it can be best used and implemented. But I thought I might as well write a first post for this wiki. I have so many ideas and plans for this place, so if you are reading this, keep checking back to see some of the ways the Wiki is being improved. I am focussed on getting the core structure and processes of the wiki right at this stage, but feel free to edit and create pages if you wish!

I know developers are always looking for ways to promote their app, so I plan to make it super easy (and FREE) to get their apps attention on this site. Any app can have an article here; it only needs to go in the "App:" namespace. But there'll also be articles about phones, OEMS, Microsoft, Xbox Live and of course, the OS itself!

There are heaps of other stuff that's going to happen, but I will implement these over time and speak about it through blog posts. This is a team effort, so I need as many passionate Windows Phone fans as possible to make this place great.

This isn't your average news source of fansite; here, you are the editor!

I look forward to an exciting future for this wiki!

Chicken7 >talk 04:53, August 23, 2011 (UTC)